Tuesday, 14 October 2014

New Features in sBuzz - Business Intelligence Messenger

As a valued customer of our product “sBuzz”, we would like to share some exciting features, which are recently released.

    New! Interface Design for sBuzz Web Application is changed
    New Design Interface brings a new look to sBuzz, with a focus on content and a living, vibrant user experience

    New! Client can receive the GPS Coordinates of User's location from sBuzz Mobile app
    Any sBuzz mobile user, who sends a message, provides the Location to the Client.

    New! Forgot Password option in the sBuzz Mobile application
    Any Mobile user, who has registered in sBuzz, can retrieve the Password by providing the Mobile number.

    New! Storing of Messages in a Excel file
    Client can download the messages (in excel format) by selecting the fields ‘From Date’ and ‘To Date’.

    New! Register two users using a single Mobile number
    Client can register two Users separated by , . / for a single mobile number.

    Improved! Send message with file attachments
    Client can send message and attach the files like Word (.doc,.docx), Excel (.xls,.xlsx), Powerpoint (.ppt,.pptx)and PDF format.

    Improved! Resend Activation feature in sBuzz Web App

    Client can send the Login ID and Password to Individual User or a Group of Users

    New! Delete Option to delete users in Web Application (Admin Portal)
    Client can delete single user or multiple users by selecting the Mobile Numbers using ‘Contact list’ link

    Improved! Client's Home Page
    Client can click on sBuzz logo to view the Home page to see the list of users who have downloaded the sBuzz Mobile App.
    Client can also view the number of messages which are pending or responded.

    New! Provide Security Questions to Mobile Users
    New/Existing Users should provide the Answers to Security questions, so that User can retrieve the Password when forgot.

    New! Client Creation on sBuzz website
    New clients can register in sBuzz, to use only sBuzz messages, by logging into www.solletbuzz.com

     sBuzz - Entreprise Communicator New Features Released

    It is a low cost communication software.It is also available in the form of an App to ease the use.Now you can download sBuzz mobile application from Google Play,i-tunes,windows,java and Blackberry stores.

    We are happy to help you, explore more @ Solletbuzz

    Phone:040 67238900


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