Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Internal automation in various Business verticals using "Sollet's sBuzz"

Features in "sBuzz" for Internal process automations:

  • Security: Deliver messages on a Secure & Reliable IP Network
  • Platform: Cloud-based IT Eco systems using SaaS modelling
  • Automation: Automate messages from your System for Report generation, Alerts, Reminders etc
  • Integration: Easy to integrate using APIs
  • Send a File: Send PDF, MS Excel, MS Word files, Audio, Video to the Customer Mobile.

sBuzz Steps for Automation:

  • Admin registers the Customer details  in sBuzz system with parameters Name, Mobile number, Email address.
  • An SMS (Customer's Login details and client mobile app download link) is sent to the user's mobile.
  • The Customer downloads sBuzz mobile application and enters the login details. 

Document Delivery :  

  • Admin can send the Documents (as file attachment) from the Admin web interface of sBuzz application.


  • Enters the Customer mobile number/Login Id
  • Selects the relevant report to the customer
  • Submits the selected documents 
  • Sollet System integration to Client System using sBuzz API.
  • Admin sends the Messages/Documents to the registered Users.

User request reports/documents:

  • User can send the request to sBuzz Admin, through mobile app,  for any missing reports/documents or any other  queries.
It is a low cost communication software. It is also available in the form of an App to ease the use. Now you can download sBuzz mobile application from Google Play, i-tunes, windows, Andriod, java and Blackberry stores.

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