Friday, 20 February 2015

3.5 Lakh Customers has availed Sollet services through our 4,500+ Agent network across India in 2014

Sollet Soft solutions Pvt Ltd. has come up with a solution "sEco" which enables banks to offer remittance services to the all across India. We urge banks to lets join hands together and let the migrants to send money to their dear ones back at home-Let offer Remittance Services together.

With over 2+ years of experience in establishing 4500 + Agent network in 10 States across,Sollet envisions a future where we shall touch at least 100 million people with 100,000 Agent networks and contribute significantly towards social impact in next 5 to 6 years.

sEco enables:
Low cost extension of services
Large Agent network for Remittances
Overcome Challenges Surrounding Remittances
Better solutions and services in Cash Management

Sollet cordially inviting applications for Agents, Business Partners, Entrepreneurs and Individuals to do Banking and Non Banking Services at NCR Region and Across India.

What are you waiting for?
  • Become a Partner with Sollet's innovative Social Commerce /Inclusion concept.
  • Sign the agreement
  • Pay your subscription
  • Create your own catalogue @ Sollet portal
  • Keep branding material at Sollet shopee’s
  • Start getting Sale….and enjoy Profits

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Customer Care: 1800 419 4198

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