Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Kenna Management has opted for Sollet’s sBuzz customized for their Enterprise communications

Kenna Management (a reputed Learning Partner for continuous Professional Developments) has opted for Sollet’s sBuzz for their on-going Enterprise Communications and Business Expansions.

sBuzz Features:
  • Enterprises can send sBuzz messages up to 2000 characters
  • Enterprises can create Groups and map the Users across Groups
  • Enterprises can register Online by paying online in India and abroad
  • Customized Mobile application with a Brand image for your Enterprise
  • An Enterprise can send SMS when the User has not installed the Mobile application
  • Send multimedia messages like Images, Videos and Audio
  • Send message in Local Vernacular languages (English, Hindi, Spanish etc.)
  • Send Office applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files etc.
  • Registered Users can chat with another User (P2P chat) by adding as a Friend
  • Allows very low cost communication from Enterprises to Users and vice-versa
  • Supports Mobile Operating Systems like Android, iOS, Black Berry and Windows
  • Enterprises can schedule Alerts or Reminders to the selected Users/Groups
  • IT Systems of Enterprises can be integrated using APIs to Communicate with their Users/ Groups
  • Enterprise can store their messages
  • User can subscribe to any available Enterprise to receive messages
  • Multiple Admins can access the sBuzz application in an Enterprise
  • An Enterprise can publish availability of their selected Services for selected Regions across India and get User requests for more Business
  • Market segmented advertisement facility for Enterprises for Users across selected business verticals across regions in India
  • sBuzz offers you a reliable and secure communication between your company and its customers.

It is a low cost communication software. It is also available in the form of an App to ease the use. Now you can download sBuzz mobile application from Google Play, i-tunes, windows, Andriod, java and Blackberry stores.

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