Monday, 1 June 2015

A Sollet Agent can earn up to and beyond Rs. 25,000 a Month in any place across India

Case Study: 

A Sollet Agent, Prashanth in a remote Village in Mahabubnagar District, Telengana has earned Rs. 2,000 /- by ordering the local Customer daily needs through Sollet’s mee-Com system (Orders worth of Rs. 80,000). Similarly you can earn too by joining us as an Agent similar to Prashanth.

Shop Keepers/Individuals/Households can partner with Sollet Soft Solutions (Sollet) to become a Micro Entrepreneur(Agent) and earn up to Rs. 25,000 per Month by extending Banking services, Non-Banking Services and E-Commerce to the local Customers.  Join us to bring in the unique and revolutionary Social Commerce & Social Inclusion for the communities in your Locality/Region.  By joining us, you’ll build a strong recurring alternate income for yourself while your Local Customers get benefited with bouquet of Services at their Door Step. Sollet will provide you the low cost technologies for extending the Services using a simple Mobile, Tablet, Laptop/Desktop.

Sollet cordially inviting applications for  Agents, Shop Keepers,  Households, Business Partners, Individuals, Entrepreneurs and Individuals to do Banking and Non-Banking Services across India.

What are you waiting for?

  • Become a Partner with Sollet's innovative Social Commerce /Inclusion concept.
  • Sign the agreement
  • Pay your subscription
  • Create your own catalogue @ Sollet portal
  • Keep branding material at Sollet shopee’s
  • Start getting Sale….and enjoy Profits

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Phone 040 67238900 
Customer Care: 1800 419 4198

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